VITCOM is expert in design of Direct Fired Heaters and their ancillary equipment. Over 60 heaters designed by VITCOM personnel are operating successfully around the Globe. VITCOM can supply the heaters as a lump sum turnkey basis, complete with their ancillary equipment and controls. Alternatively, varying degrees of engineering or supply may be provided, e.g.:

The design does not limit itself to thermal aspect, but the process side is also evaluated. Some examples are:

~ Heat sensitivity and coking of process fluid

~ Manifold maldistribution check (process, utillity and    combustion air)

~ Transferline pressure drop calculations and sonic limit    check

~ In situ evaporation under pressure or vacuum

~ Thermal cracking of EDC, Acetic Acid, Algophrene

~ Steam reforming reactions.

On the mechanical side, the design may be extended beyond the usual battery limits. For example, it may be necessary to study the piping and the transfelines to-and-from the heater and carry out a complete flexibility analysis inside and outside of the heater, for a completely stress-free design.

Besides the vaious stages of engineering for grass-roots heaters, VITCOM also provides specialist engineering for existing or third-party heaters.
These can be:

v Heater efficiency and performance studies, with testimonials.

v Upgrade and revamp studies and executions.

v Erection, commissioning and dry-out of heaters.

v Operational support and supply of spares.