VITCOM possesses considerable expertise in Energy Management and hence in conservation of energy in Oil Refineries. Since the main consumer of enery in Oil Refineries are the Fired Heaters, it is the obvious choice to increase the efficiency of these heaters in view of saving large amounts of energy. This may be realised in many ways and VITCOM would analyse each heater individually, make an energy audit and submit a financial analysis for the optimal route to achieve the goal.

Energy Conservation Measures presented at First International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Congress, Isfahan, Iran - September 1993.

The study of a heater for improving its energy consumption may take the following typical route:

~ Study existing documentation of the Heater

~ Analyse and evaluate improvement possibilities

~ Simulate the Heater and study the various alternatives

~ Carry out a pricing and economic analysis of the alternatives

~ Propose the most optimal revamp, in monetary terms and in suitability.

However, the energy conservation for the unit does not only comprise the increase in efficiency of the heater by means of waste heat recovery. During the conservations measures, the study of the unit and some process integration may also be necessary.